He picked her over me?

I had 5 dates with this guy. Increasingly better each time. Every ounce of me could see that he was into me. His body reached out for me, our conversations were awesome, we were constantly laughing and teasing each other. We didn't sleep together but after our 5th date we had a really great make out session in his car (where we were clearly both really turned on by each other). one week after that he told me he didn't see our relationship going further. When I prompted for a why, he said he'd been seeing someone else and decided to move forward with her.

I didn't expect that he wasn't seeing anyone else, but being a timid, shy guy, I also didn't assume that he was. I don't really understand what they could have that we didn't, since everything seemed so good between the two of us. But, I know that doesn't matter. My question is, how the hell is a girl supposed to have any hope in dating when even the men that are clearly interested, end up dropping us because they have other awesome girls on the side.

People always say to give the nice guy a shot. I did. It turned out the same as all the dicks I've also dated.

What a shocker.

Thanks for the responses.

This new dating scene is nuts. I actually had a nice conversation with my uncle about this today. I told him the story and his first instinct also was that the guy was no good to begin with and shouldn't have been dating multiple girls. What drives me crazy is that I've actually grown so accustomed to this way that I still don't see a problem with what he did. I basically expect that everyone is seeing a few people.



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  • The problem was, he was actually NOT a nice guy, or he wouldn't have led you on like that. He was just a jerk who PRETENDED to be timid and shy.

    In traditional dating, you don't ever really get to know the whole person, just the face they put on for going out.

    This sort of experience is what led me to opt out of the dating game--he traditional one--in my teens.

    • As Jonny, says, other countries don't generally do this dumb 'dating' ritual as we seem to think is necessary in the USA.

      Best Answer, no?

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  • I agree with martyfellow, he clearly isn't a nice guy... Luckily Ireland doesn't do 'dating', you're either in a relationship or you're not in one. I think anyone that has the mentality of dating multiple people at the same time isn't a person worth pursuing in a relationship, of course people will still lie about whether they do it or not.

  • This is what I hate about the dating world these days. But guess what - the freedom to date heaps, have one night stands, get divorces - it came with a price. There are very few consequences or limits compared to the old traditional dating scene and being a nice provider guy is not an advantage for men anymore. Maybe you got an ex nice guy. A traditional guy who did everything for a girl, got rejected and said "screw it, I'm playing by the new rules."


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  • He had more choices. A lot of people multiple date in case a few people reject them. You were a possible back up or a standby.

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