Don't know why I feel regret?

Okay so there was this girl that I was dating. When I was with her everything was great. Yet at the same time during the whole time (approx 3-3.5 months), I always had a constant unsettling feeling. One example is when I was calling her to see if she wanted to hang out. She never answered and I also texted her, but for some reason she didn't call back until two to three days later. The reason was that even after answering the phone it would still ring on the caller side. In my head I was like that doesn't sound logical, plus you could have still texted me. Yet I said okay who knows anything can happen, and still went after her. Another time where we set up a date and for later on in the day, she ended up not feeling well and said it was due to stress and being busy from work for the whole week. Yet from an earlier call (which was two days earlier), she was doing fine and nothing new was going on, which set off another red flag. So I said okay, and I told her I would get her something to help with her headache (this is what she said was the problem), and some soup to help her feel better. She told me no that she needed to sleep. Late in the evening around 11:00pm she called me again, where we spoke and she said she wasn't feeling any better. So after we spoke I texted her the next day do see how she was doing (we were both at work), she said she was doing better, but still feeling the after effects of the headache (this was a Friday). Later on that evening when I got off of work I called, but no answer. The next day I noticed she called me back 12 in the morning, where I called her back in the morning. She said she wasn't feeling any better, and she said she would call back. Unlike most times when she said she would call back, this time she did later on that afternoon, since I was a little busy at the time I couldn't answer, but called her back as soon as I could. I got no answer, but tried again a little later no answer again. Then a few hours later I texted her, yet didn't get an answer until two days later. There were more incidents of things that added to the already constant unsettling feeling I was getting. Some of the things she would say and the way she acted never added up. Even though most of the times I asked her out we would meet up.

One last example, We had set up a date to meet at this place at a certain time. I got there a couple minutes late, but she stated that she would let me know when she was heading out. Even when I got there nothing. I waited fifteen minutes after I got there and called to see if everything was alright. It rang one good time and then went to voicemail (to me that means she saw it ring one and hung up, but give the benefit of the doubt). I also texted her no answer. I waited another fifteen minutes after that, which I was about to leave, but noticed her coming so I stayed. Then comes where she tells me her phone died, and that it was on charger, but for some reason it didn't

charge. Then she proceeded to show me and tried to turn it on, which it did power up all the way. No popup came up saying that it was about to die. She intentionally put in the wrong code on her phone twice (she had already told me her code). The phone stayed on for a hot minute, she never turned it off nor did it power off when she decided to put it in her purse. There was another time when her friends were texting her. She said something and decided to show it to me, but just quickly ran
or scrolled through the text just to say she showed me, but never showed one long enough for me to really see anything. I never asked her too either.
After trying and pushing through despite my constant unsettling feeling I decided to just end it. The reasons I gave were just some of the reasons, not really all of them. To me know that I think about it the reasons I did give her were just weak and not of any substance, but in my head I know there were more and it was really more than that. For some reason I don't think she was really in to me, and I had a hard time trusting her. Another thing was that constant feeling I had never left.


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  • It's already clear that the girl is just not into you, you gave her so many chances and she always have an excuse to not meet, oh I'm sick or busy or whatever. If she was into you she would of took time out of her busy schedule to meet with you. It was good that you decided to end this..move and find another girl that would actually appreciates you.


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