How to rebound after bad dates?

Maybe everybody has had them, a string of 1-2-3 not so good dates that felt awkward.

Got your hopes up and then Down down down again.

How to get back up again to feeling hopeful or looking forward to meeting a new person?


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  • Well generally going on a date requires a reasonable effort, hair, makeup, etc. if its not gone well I'm usually glad to get home, put my feet up, put a Show on and get myself a drink, usually after about 10mins I'm having fun and have let the date go. With a string of them I usually look at why its going wrong, like if you found them online is the site for you, do you need to change your profile, if its something else like the age of guys you're dating, reevaluate that. Anytime you start thinking you'll never find someone go find something you enjoy doing but that gets interfered with if you're dating someone, watch TV that guys hate or vice versa, girls night out or vice versa, read a book, etc

    • EXACTLY! all of the preparation and then zero. It's like buying an airplane ticket and then missing the plane because the car broke down on the way to the airport :( Bad dates suck

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    • Hm thinking about that maybe I've had too many bad dates!

    • :) Yah do something fun that is a good idea. LOL

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