What should I think of the kiss or him?

I met a guy through one of my friends who I used to like a lot, he still likes me. Every time I hung out with my friend his friend would be there too and we always flirt when we hang out. While my friend was gone on vacation me and his friend started drinking and we kissed. I don't know what to do because I kind of like him and I don't know what to think because I think he has a girlfriend?


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  • ... Sooooo have you tried asking him about his girlfriend?

    • No because I'm unsure if he does or not. I only assume because he posted a picture hugging a girl at her waist.

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    • Lol hmm no. Okay say if he's single then what should I do?

    • why the hell not? If you have a question, ask him. Well do you like him or not?

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