If he hasn't kissed me by now, should I be concerned?

We have been out for 2 dates so far but have been talking for months (due to distance) and he hasn't kissed me yet. We are both a bit shy, so I don't want to make a move because I don't know if he wants to, which is how he is probably thinking too.

When we go out again, how can I show that I want him to kiss me? (without seeming weird lol)

And if he has not kissed me by now should I be worried?

We go to school in different states far away from each other so I have no idea when we can see each other again.


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  • Dont be so forward. Let the man make things go forward. Subtle hints will do.

    Also, living states apart will make your hearts grow fonder.

    That's why in the past, princesses will make their suitors go to far away places for their trials because too much contact/presence will make the other person bore you in the long run.


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