When making out what do you do with his chest?

My boyfriend said something the other day about me not touching him a lot when we make out, like he'll touch my boobs a lot but I never touch his chest and this confused me. What do I do is there something with him that I can do that I am not?


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  • As a guy who works out and is said to have a good body, it confuses me when a girl is interested in my physique but doesn't do anything with it when sex comes about and also makes me think she sex is "all about her." The amount of interest I have in the girl during sex should be reflected back because guys are already known to "do all the work" anyway.

    It gives me the impression she may be inexperienced sometimes if she is not that responsive in bed. A guy can easily interpret this as you not being interested in him. It doesn't necessarily have to be the chest. Just be interested or he'll think you are not.


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