Will I ever find the right guy...

I have tried to occupy my mind and just enjoy myself but now I feel hopeless not desperate just like I'll not find a guy I'm going to be a freshman in college soon ,i haven't been dating around even tho you would expect an attractive girl to be dating around ..i have been single 9 months and I know if I was in a relationship I would make him the happiest guy on the planet but yet no guy who's attractive has asked me out ...wtf...guys nowadays do not have the balls to tell a girl he likes her and take her out on a date not his house. This generation sucks.


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  • I can't speak for your generation but it does seem to be very confused. Which is not to say that my generation has it all together. I can tell you that college changes everything. Your opportunities should expand substantially. That may not save you from playing a greater role in making something happen but at least you should get out on your dates.


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