What do you think about ending texts with "hope it goes well", "have a nice day" or other?

I mean, those just per se sound fine, but if the person doesn't add some sort of question, then aren't these dead-end texts?

I've been texting a guy for a few days and before he didn't really write anything like these, maybe I did? His last texts are basically him replying to something I asked and wishing me good luck with something... I understand he's not ignoring me and actually writes proper length replies, but should I write later telling how things went, or is this a polite way for him to end the conversation?

This is a guy I'm starting to get to know now and he lives a bit far away, so no chance to meet up again for a while, in case that makes any difference.


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  • If you're interested, then you should follow up. A guy will initiate calls or texts for a while, but, at some point, which differs from one man to another and depends on the girl's behavior and their interactions, he will eventually stop initiating to see if she will, and, if she doesn't, he assumes that she isn't interested.

    • I see what you mean, but if he's actually trying to end the conversation and I keep on following up, wouldn't that be annoying? Not to mention I would look kinda stupid?

    • If he likes you, no; it wouldn't be. He'd like it. Guys also want attention from a woman and want her to confirm that she likes him too. No one likes one-sided situations.

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  • Have a nice day is usually a way to end a text conversation I would say. Hope it goes well depends on the context. If he is genuinely interested in whether "it goes well" or not then he will prob hit you up afterward to see how it went! Besta luck!

  • If I'm dating a girl I usualy end a text with later darlin sine I'm part southern If I'm just chatting with a friend then I'll do a simple goodbye or ill go with talk to you later something along those lines.


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