Girls, I wanna kiss a girl I like.

There's a girl I like and I'm sure she likes me too. We still have some things to learn about each other but I can tell by just how she acts when I'm with her. She also told my sister that she noticed the signs I was giving her and that she wants to get to know me better, then she'll give me a sign when she's ready. But I've learned because she has a busy life right now that she doesn't like to be pressured yet I still want to kiss her when I see her again. But I'm completely down for taking this slow and seriously so I just plan on maybe on the cheek when we say goodbye, or maybe the forehead (because I'm 6'2'' and she's about a foot shorter)? Tell me how you think I should pull this off.


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  • Have a nice date with her and kiss her on the lips - this is what you do on the first date. You're going slowly enough. You should pull this off by kissing her, maybe wait for a moment when she's saying something boring and cut her off with a kiss, whenever you feel ready - there's no perfect moment.