Which would you rather do?

Would you rather.

Go on a pretty romantic date or

Go on a fun date

This question is for guys and girls


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  • Earlier in the relationship, go for more fun.

    At some point, when you're all committed, maybe getting engaged, and so on, the romantic stuff becomes much more important. But for the first few dates, don't push the "romance" too much too fast; instead first establish that you're a fun couple together.

    You can still have SOME romance early of course (and you should remember to always have lots of fun, even later when you're "going steady" or engaged or married...) but as a generality, fun first and early, romance later and on special occasions...

    I mean if a guy you hardly know is all SUPER romantic right off the bat, he doesn't really mean it anyways because how "in love" can you be after 20 minutes? But every well-matched couple can genuinely have lots of fun from day one.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Well for a first date I would rather just do the fun thing, movie, dinner, just fun but I'm in a serious relationship and my girlfriend and I would be rather do the romantic date now because we can have fun when we get home


What Girls Said 1

  • Romantic dates are ok once in awhile, but generally I prefer fun dates. I love going out and doing something active. Just because you're hiking or wake boarding doesn't mean you can't have a sexy fun time. Candles aren't necessary for romance :)

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