Should I say it to her?

I've got a question

For two months or so,I've had contact with a girl.

We met via Tinder, bur started texting an using what's app soon after that.

The conversations are fun and diverse.

And last week Monday, we went on a date, in my town.

We are planning to go on a date in her town, we don't know when.

But since the date, I started having feelings for her.

But here's the catch:

She recently got single (a month ago), because her ex cheated on her.

So our conversations started when he and she were breaking up.

And she told me, she still doesn't want to get committed in a new relationship, because she's just single. (I just asked out of curiosity, back then had no feelings for her yet, like I do now)

So should I tell her: what I feel for her, and so yes: when should I tell her?

We are still talking to one another.

But Sunday the texting got weird for me.

She told me she went to a friendsplace (a guy friend).

They ate together and watched a horror movie.

She fell asleep in his arms, and they slept together (platonically, she said)

So I asked her: did you have sex?

She: No, we were brave this time, that doesn't mean its going to happen in the near future.

Me: So you are friends with benefits?

She: No, because there are no benefits yet.

What does this mean?


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  • Being she just has come out of a new break up, don't rush into anything heavy with her by telling her your feelings. You are just getting to know one another, so go slow for the moment. You don't want to scare her to the point where she is feeling smothered and confused by yet another man in her life. Remember, she is still licking her fresh wounds from this other guy, and being she has been hurt, she probably wants to hold off on anything "committed" at the moment. Take your time, get to know one another. If the time would finally come where she is feeling the magic again, I am sure YOU will be the first one she WILL TELL. Let things "just happen"...

    • Yes I agree with you, thanks for the awnser :)

    • Hmmm, okay, if you are both still texting, and she was with a guy friend the other nite, she is just "doing her thing"right now, as you can see. Try to make "another date" with her if you can. She is now "seeing "another guy friend, so get in there somehow. If it appears you are getting "nowhere"with her for some reason or another, find a girl who you can...You are welcome, sweetie...

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  • Sounds like you might be between a rock and a hard place in the context that it looks like you're en route to becoming either friend zoned, or a rebound. That probably doesn't help.. but that's just the initial thought that came into my head, for what it's worth.

    • Okay,

      Well I don't know either, where it's going to end.

      I do know what I feel for her, and that te conversations are fun.

  • Always let the girl do the emotional talky stuff, just worry about getting those emotions into her ;)

    • Okay.

      But if I would let my feelings into her, how could I do that?

    • Guys, I am a girl, I am telling you honestly you will scare her away. She will start with cold feet and walk away because she is just getting out of a relationship and doesn't want a commitment right now, and has said so. You may chance losing her...take your what I said above again...If you want to keep her, go slow and let things happen..what are you in a big hurry for? Nurture this relationship...As a girl, I can tell you I would shy away and feel smothered if you approach me

    • Do not tell her your feelings at this point..she is just coming out of a relationship, and now you see she has started "hanging out" and beginning her single status again. You might chase her away. I would suggest, as I just mentioned, asking her for another date, take it from there..:))

  • i'd just take things slow then.