Does the way a girl texts indicate anything?

I know this is a bit overanalyzing and over thinking, but do girls put any thoughts into how and what they are saying in text messages?

I know that you can play with words, nicknames, punctuation, message length, and even response times. But is that only with guys that they like, or do they do the same with everyone?

One of my female friends recently brought to my attention that I should look at what and how a girl structures her texts. I guess I can't really tell, because I text most people the exactly the same way.


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  • Girls put TOO much thought into their texts to a guy they like haha

    Things girls who are interested do/stupid text games that shouldn't really exist:

    -Take the same amount of time or longer to respond as a guy took

    -Wait 10-30 min to respond to a first text

    -"Heyyy" or any additional letters

    -Lots of emojis and/or exclamations points

    -Using a period (.) is usually bad news

    I can't say I'm not guilty of a few... but the whole waiting to respond thing is stupid IMO


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  • Yes. When I'm with my girlfriends and they are texting a guy they ask how they should word it depending on the situation. If they like them they put a lot of emoticons in their texts and "lols" and "Ha has" this stimulates flirting I guess. When they aren't interested they keep it flat and will only put an occasional smiley face or what have you so the guy knows she is not mad.

    This being said some girls are different than others. I myself tend to skip the "Ha has" and " :)" because I'm just straightforward and tend to use texting simply for making plans not conversation, so keep in mind the type of girl you are talking to.

  • If we seem really interested in what your saying, and we answer fast or if we take the time to look though 500 emojis just to find the one that goes along with what we are saying


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  • Thought? Just guys they like? My experience is no, and no. I'm lucky if I can read the damn things half the time. Words missing. Ideas scrambled. Pronouns mixed about. Emoticons strung together. Like I'm supposed to read their minds. And I'm not just talking about girl's messages...guy's too. It's a hoot!

  • if the girl and the person she texts to know that kinda stuff... then yeah.

    especially if they are best friends or lovers.

  • it's better to not overanalyze that kind of stuff. If she's going to text something suggestive you'll be able to pick it up pretty easily.