If he continues a texting conversation, is this a good thing?

So I've been out with this guy a few times and I like him and I think he likes me back. We're both a bit shy and I think we click. We text everyday because our schools are in different states. But constant contact is good right?

Anyway, we tell each other what's going on in our day, plans, joking around, and just random stuff. We talk about literally anything, it's just so comfortable, you know.

But if he didn't like me, he would have cut off all contact with me earlier right? And when it comes to long distance, is this a good thing? And how can I tell if he is just doing this to be nice or if he likes me?


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  • he likes you or else why would he constantly contact you? :) this is how my certain boyfriend started. he always made time to text me, call me... constant contact until he moved to the same country, but our relationship was only long distance for about 6 months (I meet him before moving). It works, but you need to constantly check in with each other. find ways to meet/see each other, contact on Skype...etc to keep your relationship alive and most important is trust and honesty if not your relationship can fast go down the drain. :) good luck

    some long distance advice :)

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