Hates me for no reason.

my boyfriend and I broke up after about a month of dating, but after we became really close. we trusted each other so much and told each other things that we've never told another person. like deep secrets. then we started to talk about doing physical things, and we ended up hanging out and doing everything except having sex. that was about a month ago. now he's back to this other girl that he was planning to do things with before we started doing stuff. she knows nothing about what we did, because he is nice enough to keep it a secret and not blab. now he says he hates me more than any person he's ever met, and absolutely refuses to tell me why. I am out of ideas on what to do. because he won't, I think that there really are no reasons. should I just leave it at that and let it go? should I just be content with knowing that I know the truth?


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  • Both. let him go and its good you know why he left you. its because of her. his heart was still somewhere else and you were pretty mucha rebound to him then his girl came back and he dropped you for her cause he has more time and feelings already invested in her. So no dnt think it is you or he really hates you cause he said it. no, he just trying to hurt your feelings enough to make you go away for good so him and his girl can be. Now what you do is move on. I'm sorry this happened to you.