Will guys think this is weird?

Is it ok for someone that is 19 to never had a boyfriend, and also never kissed someone? Will guys think this is weird?


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  • Well it IS okay and it doesn't make you weird.

    That said, some guys might like that because your "unspoiled" so to speak. They're probably not the most confident, mature, open minded guys in the world, but some guys like that. Certainly saving up for sex with your true love is a big deal to many guys, and you have that to still offer, right?

    On the other hand, inexperienced girls DO tend to be nervous and awkward the first few times at dating, kissing, well most new things. Just like inexperienced guys. So make sure he's sensitive to that and not inconsiderate or demanding more than you can do.

    Finally, this is a little nugget from some (not all) guys' brains: truly inexperienced girls scare us because we know we're not really that amazing. We think that while we'll get you started (dating, kissing, sex) but eventually you'll likely get curious and bored and WANT to try other guys before settling down. So that actually stresses out many guys, long term. Rather, a girl who already knows what she wants from experience THEN chooses me feels more stable than a confused neophyte who thinks she might be weird. Just something to think about, virgins of the world.


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  • That's a pretty UNCOMMON situation. So unfortunately guys will determine your "weirdness" based on your looks. If you're hot - they WON'T think you're weird, just possibly hi-maintenance. But if you're ugly - they'll think you're DEFINITELY weird. If you're somewhere in-between hot and ugly, then they'll see you as somewhere in-between weird and doable.


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  • I didn't have my first boyfriend until I turned 20. And the guy I dated was great about it although I could tell he was waiting around for me to leave him like motorboater said. He ended up breaking up with me because "he didn't think he was good enough for me. " I thought that was a line at first but his actions have shown that he really believed that. If guys would just chill and realize that when you are a decent girls first true love, first kiss etc. She won't want another guy. Don't worry. There is a great guy out there waiting to meet you. Just make sure you have an open attitude so when he does come along you don't miss him. I wasn't looking for my "first guy" but the relationship experience he gave me was great! Be proud that you don't view relationships as a "drive thru" experience. Good for you girl! :)

  • Of course it's okay. Why wouldn't it be? Most guys that I know love girls like that. It all depends on the person and their opinions. You should be proud of it. It shows that you have respect for yourself. I'm sure lot's of people will start bashing me for saying this but lot's of 19 year olds have already slept with a guy. I have myself and I'm not proud of it. I regret it more than anything. Not to talk bad about them, but they just can't hold themselves back like you have. Or. They simply really are in love. Don't be ashamed of it! Hopefully you will be able to find someone who is the same and you will notice that you have lots of respect for that person.

  • No, that's not weird. Either you were not ready for a relationship, was not looking, or the guys haven't really looked at you. I did not have a boyfriend until 22, even though I have been kissed at 18. Some of us are just late bloomers.

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