What with a guy who's too stubborn to initiate contact when you're too busy?

Hello all! I met this guy a while ago and let's say we usually get along, we had two big arguments within two months of knowing eachother, which I know isn't good. For the last few days I've been busy as hell, school, work, family issues, I'm stressed out and am not in the mood to text random stuff to him but he's not talking to me anymore, big fat chance that is because I'm not texting him either. I'm sick of these games, really, not texting me because I'm not texting him? When I didn't receive a reply to a message, I texted him to ask if he's allright the day after. But now from him? nothing! I'll text him tomorrow when I have some time, he's a sleep now so I'm not gonna wake him up. But any advice?


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  • Sounds like he doesn't want to be bothered... at least not at the moment. Kudos to reaching out to him and letting the chips fall where they may. If he doesn't reach back... forget about him.


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