So, is that bad? That I'm trying to initiate a relationship with my mothers partners niece?

Could call it a 'step cousin'. Could not. Up to the individual. Is that bad? That I have kind of a huge crush on her? I'm talking about because she's one of those cases of an unrelated family member, if you like. Young adults, only met a few years ago.. I've asked on another website too and some people think it might be frowned upon by some.. just because my mum and her uncle are dating? Serious dating and for a few years now.. I mean.. is this wrong of me? Am I bad for feeling like this? I can't help that I get on better with her than I do most females I have ever known and that I love talking to her and being around her and that I think she's gorgeous.. and one of the reasons I can feel that way, is because we are not related.

Yknow, I think usually, siblings and cousins can't feel such sexual attraction to each other because they are too closely related and those feelings just don't naturally occur (there have of course been exceptions), and yet people who are not related can have these feelings because, well because they are not related, so these feelings can quite easily naturally occur.

I'm like, concerned that its wrong or something but its not technically is it?


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  • I completely understand you.

    It's not your fault that your mom and her guy found each other before you found his niece.

    I don't see anything wrong with it.

    You seem like a good guy, and you're not a creep. Don't let these immature narrow-minded idiots that answered make you feel bad at all. You are related to her by blood AT ALL, so go ahead and do your thing.


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  • I think it's fine I completely understand that with two step parents you meet a lot of their family but your right it's not your family there not blood related it might be frowned upon but who cares what others think I think of you really feel for this girl go for it, who can stop you?

  • Disgusting if you ask me.. even if you aren't blood related

    • Why and how? Please try to justify your response. Met a couple years ago as young adults, I did mention that didn't I? Because here's the thing, if that is disgusting but two friends who met a couple years ago whose ma and uncle are just friends hook up is fine, then that's double standards, is what I think.

    • If you are going to see them at a family reunion, you should not date them. That's just how I see it

  • That's a bit weird to me

    • Oh not bad just a bit! :)'s a bit weird to me.. even when I know it shouldn't be because I reiterate - met just two years ago as young adults.. not really different from a couple 18 year olds meeting in college and proceeding to go together... but still, feels a bit strange simply on principle because she's like.. step family. But that principle is jaded, or misguided, really.. it overlooks the basic truth that it is okay. We are just two friends.. not actually family.

    • So yeah, it's a bit of a mind bender.

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  • I see no problem with it. You're not related by blood.

    All that the people against how you feel are seeing is just the "label" "step cousin".

    Don't let anyone make you feel bad about it. The decision you have to make is whether you feel comfortable pursuing the relationship even though people will speak negatively of it, think of it this way, people speak negatively about people dating "outside" of their race, ignore the negative noise and go with how you feel. You only live once! And how you feel isn't wrong because you're not related by blood.