My new date talks to his ex's ?

I've been dating this man for about a month. Last night he called me and says his phone was ringing at 3 am and woke him up. He ignored it but it rang again and again.. so he answers it and it was his ex. He says she was crying and needed to talk because she had just got into a fight.

Ummm why is she calling him to talk at 3 am? I ask him this and he says "oh well she's only 23 years old and she has no guidance and the reason we broke up is because I'm ready for marriage and she's too young and loves to party but if she needed anything that she could call me"

Okay.. let me just tell you that he just turned 40 and so when he said she's 23 I was like ummmmmmm wtf! and he says well I didn't know she was that young until after we had been dating because I never asked her.

Thoughts about this?


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  • I think you need to avoid this guy at all costs. But your age is also 25-29 here so I don't know what you're doing with him either.

    He had to have known she was young obviously and I bet that attracted him to her. Plus he sounds like the kind of guy that would use her "innocent drama" to get her over to his place for a fuck. With the marriage thing it also sounds odd too but we don't have an idea of how long they've been together either here. If it was like 2 years maybe he was ready but it doesn't sound like the case here.

    Either way he sounds like bad news and I don't think you should see him anymore. It sounds like you'd be dealing with a lot of drama.

    • I'm 27 years old. They were together for under a year.

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  • You're upset because your boyfriend answered his phone when it kept ringing?

    • he's not my boyfriend first of all.. and I'm not upset. I'm concerned.

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