Who agree's with statement or article about dating?

Men today are wussies. Men today aren’t very resilient. They don’t know how to handle rejection or failure, so they avoid rejection or failure by not asking women out on dates.

I am proud say I am one of them, but I don't the confidence to ask girls out. But I have decide to get help for it. I am sick and tired of being the same old person.


Guys don't take this article seriously. you must choose how to live your life in the dating game. From where I am standing, never asking a women out, has never got me anywhere. women have asked me out. but I was too shy to say yes to them.

I believe if you ask the right women out, she won't play games. I think there are some men, are messing with the wrong type of women, just as women get messed around with the wrong type of men. So stop with the bullshit, and stop attacking each other.
People just put yourselves out there, until you find the right person. If you don't put yourself out there, what are you expecting to gain? yes will meet bad guys, bad girls along the way in the dating game. But that's life, it will throw you bad experiences. Life is not about how many punches you can throw, it how many times you get can get hit, and keep moving forward. If can't take a bad hit, then you will never be a winner. rocky.
To survive this world, you need resilience. good looks, intelligence, balls, will only get so far in this world. The people that survive and come out a winner in every part of their lives, is because they tough and resilient to pain and bad experiences. Be resilient, or be a looser.


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  • I prefer men to receive gestures with grace, ver them making the gestures themselves.

    i like to go after things if I'm interested. I have no problem asking someone out. however a lot of guys react strangely because they feel insufficient because they were not the ones to do it.

    i really don't care whether I'm asked out or not. id just like men to be appreciative of my effort. whether they are interested or not. I e saying no instead of getting upset. or of course if they are interested,saying yes, instead of pretending they are not interested because I'm the one who asked.

    i don't think guys are wussies. I just think many guys are too obsessed with the fear of being considered a wuss. and a lot of women and men don't help mattes by maintaining ridiculous sex-based expectations, that are very confusing. and send mixed messages.

    i think effort should be respected and shyness should be accepted.. regardless of sex. whoever can should. and whoever does should be appreciated.


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  • The last man I dated for over a year always wanted to just hang out. We literally got to know each other on his or my couch. Eventually I did get sick of it and I told him that if he wanted to continue that we had to do other things because what that article says is true. You have to be with someone one on one and in different environments in order to really see who that person is. It took this guy 11.5 months to finally make a commitment to me. I do believe he had a fear of rejection along with many other issues though. His approach is not a good way to find a long term partner. Anyway, after we were officially boyfriend/girlfriend he broke it off with me when I brought a concern to his attention. I believe he was fearful of the rejection or me breaking up with him sometime in the future even though I was fairly confident that I wanted to be with him forever.. He just didn't believe it.

    Another man I tried to date would only invite me out when his friends were around. That got annoying really quickly so I cut him off then about a year later we hung out again and the conversation came up. He said that he thought I didn't really wanna date him so he would invite me out with friends so I felt comfortable. So there ya go again.. another "wussie" lol

    In that article I do believe #3 is extremely true and I hate it. When I go on a date I assume the man will pay but I know some men I've talked to think that if they pay for the date the woman may get offended. It's really ridiculous. All this confusion makes people not want to do things together.

    Bottom line-yes I agree with that article however, I believe women play a role in this too. Men and women need to learn to openly communicate, be open to dating, and understand what it takes to find long lasting love which is a completely normal desire.

    • I agree with you. Social networking sites, like Facebook etc are destroying us, because young people are wanting to get know each other that way. Instead of face to face. This young people are getting so frustrated with each other. both male and female are turning big wussies.

  • Guys do need to realize that women ARE TAUGHT not to chase men cause they will regard us as sluts; not to show a man too much interest cause he will value you less, if he doesn't take action to contact you means he does NOT like you. If not for these things, women would not have to be passive mostly. So yes, if a guy doesn't approach or initiate, I just assume (because of what we are taught) that he doesn't really like/want me.

    • The problem is, that we guys find out more through experience and by observation--if a woman actually wants a guy, she'll make an effort and chase. Example: classmate that didn't want me, didn't text me on her own, ask me out, strike up conversation, etc. Another classmate that wanted to sleep with me? She texted me, tried to set up meeting, had a mutual friend even give me a note. Big difference.

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    • I agree with you brunette

    • They do like/want you but the only thing the guy is thinking of is a Big fat no coming from some girls mouth.

  • Many men today are players, emotionally unstable when it comes to a relationship, booty call users, and heart breakers. On the other hand, there are men like yourself who want to be more confident, more resilient, and to accept both rejection and failure should things go south. Like the men I had described, women are no exception to the rule, and you realize it, and want to seek help to overcome your "wussie ways" so you can build on your confidence and be strong enough to go out there and conquer the "dating game." In saying you are "sick and tired of being the same old person," you have admitted things to yourself, which is a good place to start, sweetie. Good luck.

    • Thankyou, its hard to admit. The doctor said to me I am in denial. I admitting my faults, has hit for me six. I really do want to become a better person.

    • You're welcome...heading in the right direction, sweetie...

  • I agree with that and I think all guys should read that article.

    If a guy I wasn't interested in, came up to me and asked me out to dinner on Friday night, I would say yes. Why? Because it NEVER happens.

    • Oh come on! Maybe you need to ask him out then! :)

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    • Typical female logic its OK if the guy comes off desperate and gets rejected, laughed at and ignored.

    • @Whitechocolate1001 man the fuck up

  • I agree with all of it. Men today need to get some confidence.

    • Says the anonymous girl posting. Maybe if you didn't turn down so many guys in the past, more guys would have confidence. Women have no idea what rejection feels like.

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    • @Whitechocolate Yes, I do know what rejection feels like because I have approached guys before and been rejected. Do I become bitter and feel sorry for myself? No. Because I have common sense and know that just because I approach someone doesn't mean they have to want me.

      And since you have such a problem with people posting anonymous how come you didn't say that to the guys who are anonymous?

    • Agreed. I've too faced rejection - several times - and LIVED. Do I blame the guys who rejected me? Of course not. They didn't happen to like me back, end of story. I very much rather be told they aren't interested and move on than sit still being bitter about dating and give up for the rest of my life.

  • Yeah I agree and let's blame it on feminism since I have nothing else better to do.

    No seriously lol I agree. I don't get why men never teach their sons about confidence anymore.

    • well I don't about other men. But I don't want to be like other men. All its just the dating game going down hill. everything is going downhill.

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  • Sometimes I think my Dad failed me

    • LOL don't blame your dad, that won't help you. The question is what are you going to do it about it? blaming is a cowards way out of the situation. By blaming your dad, you are only making yourself power less to do anything about it yourself. your dad can't teach you everything about life. If you don't like the way you are? the change my friend. you are the person you become, by the choices you make about your self. Your still young, you can do it.

    • then why did I get an uprating?

    • I don't know mate. it wasn't me.

  • Actually, they're not wussies.

    If a woman wants you, she'll chase you. Romance and disney movies constantly showcase the man chasing, etc. But that doesn't work, in real life.

    In real life, if a woman doesn't either chase or at least show some initiative, you're wasting your time, and you should move on. Why needlessly get rejected and get your ego burned, when you don't need to?

    • Hi AndyWes, but both and my nieces, were all talking about this tonight. We don't ask guys out. Girls are taught if we do men will think we're easy, desperate sluts and the ONLY way to get off to the right start with balance is to let a man pursue you first. Girls who do ask guys out and do all the work never feel as if the guy really wanted them. Just letting you know how some females see this. I've shown guys interest, and they took it to mean I only wanted to get laid, offensive.

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    • True or not, judging by what women say--more and more men are deciding that the "disney/soap opera chasing the woman" does not work, and is not worth the time spent. In my experience, and many men's experiences, chasing and putting forth much effort often just serves to dissuade the girl. (it seems to subconsciously tell her you're desperate, or she could easily do better, etc.)

    • Also, we are in an age of equality. With hiring quotas, special programs, etc--women 20-30 now make 8% more than men, on average. Women also make up the majority of college students. Why should men then continue to have to do all the pursuing and getting rejected in dating? Don't you believe in equality? After all, if your nieces are in college, they're hardly planning on being stay at home wives, lmao.

  • You're proud to say you're a pussy? lol

    • We all have to start somewhere! If he's aware what he used to do isn't working and he's decided to actually do something about it , I think that's great :) We all should learn to do that, whether in dating and/or anything else in life :)

    • @Sib, being proud of something shows being content and the willingness to be where you're at. Using his insecurity to dig himself out of whatever hole he's in is the right way to harness that negative feeling into motivation, don't you think?

      Not sitting and saying, "Yeah, I'm proud I feel weak. I'm happy about it"...sounds very unhealthy to me.

  • This article is a piece of shit.

    1. Young adults don't like to commit. - Commitment isn't the problem. It's that the person or thing that one is committing themselves too nowadays just isn't worth the commitment. Most women nowadays, just aren't worth the commitment. I'm sure there are women out there that feel the same way about guys. That there are guys out there that just aren't worth committing themselves too.

    2. The internet has retarded Gen Y social skills - It hasn't retarded their social skills, just changed them. Communicating via on-line is still social skills.What this article means to say is retarded in-person communication skills.

    3. Feminism. - I'll bite.

    4. Men today are wussies. - I don't believe that men today are any more wussies than they were in the past. With the internet, it makes these kind of things more apparent. It makes the negative things stick out more-so than they did in the past.

    Resurrect dating:

    1. She wants you to ask. - Bullshit. If she truly wants to be with me, then she can ask me out. If I really wanted to be with her, I would ask her out. I've asked girls out that rejected me, but I wanted them so I asked them out. I've also had girls that I wasn't all that interested in, not enough for me to care to ask them out, ask me out. I've rejected some and I've accepted some. I thought the girl was attractive but at the time I couldn't have cared less about dating her or any girl for that matter so there was no need for me to ask her out. She wanted to be with me, so she asked me out. Since I thought she was attractive I accepted even though had she decided not to ask me out, I wouldn't be bothered one bit. So, if you like someone, ask them out. I don't care if you're a guy or a girl. The fact that it ends with, "Be a man and ask these women out." Is incredibly sexist. As if it's a mans job. No, it's a persons job to ask someone out that they want to be with. If that person doesn't take the initiative , then they have no room to bitch. Man or woman.

    2. Keep dates simple. - I agree with this, until it is assumed that I am the one that has to do all of the work. It even says, "She'll be impressed that you know how to cook". Why is it presumed that I'll be the one cooking, that I'm the one treating her? It goes both ways in a healthy relationship. Key thing is to never impress a woman, because she would expect you to keep it up... The moral of this quote is not to stereotype women, but to bring a point that you should never do something that isn't you. If you're not the kind of person that would normally do it, then don't do something that you won't be able to keep up on a regular basis. She would fall in love with the facade that you're putting up, not who you really are. So, bad advice.

    3. Prepare for rejection - I can't argue with this.

    3. Just do it, damn it. - No, and it has nothing to do with commitment. Get off the idea that the reason people aren't dating is solely because of lack of commitment.

    • Take it with a pinch of salt mate. I am not saying all guys should apply their lives to this article.

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    • aren't going to go after what it is that you want, then don't bitch when you don't get it. As I said, this goes for both men and women. This also goes for everything that goes on in a persons life. Not just dating.

      I don't consider someone a wussy or a loser if they don't do this, but if they don't do this then they have no room to bitch and complain.

      This song sums it up for me nicely.


    • I understand mate. you are right what you said.