How long to wait to contact the ex?

I wanna text my ex apologizing for what I said, tell him I know now why I acted how I did, and tell him I'd love to start over as friends and catch up sometime... Its only been two weeks since the breakup and I was thinking of waiting one more week so its been three weeks. Is that long enough for someone to heal? I don't want him to completey get over me or forget me, I want him to still miss me a little when I text him so is three weeks a good time period?


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  • Well, I can't speak for other guys, but as long as the apology is sincere, I'd want to hear it as soon as soon as possible. An apology is a very powerful thing when sincere, it shows you care enough to swallow your pride, and that you're mature enough to take responsibility for your actions. If you feel more comfortable with three weeks, then I'd say that's a good amount of time, but don't be too afraid to do so sooner if you want.

    Just keep in mind that it'll be up to him to decide when he's going to be ready to be friends again, if at all. You can't force such a thing, not even with an apology.


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  • Firstly, texting him "you'd love to start over as friends", is going to probably stir up another hornet's nest all over again, and if I am reading this correctly, it was YOU who initiated the break up with things you had said that require your apologies. So I would not even hear of doing that if you even want to get him to REMEMBER YOUR NAME at that point, sweetie. He will find it insulting, especially because he probably DOES miss you and has not forgotten you, has probably been waiting for you to text him to see him in person even to "apologize and make things right." If you really do only want friendship at this point, then TEXT HIM SOON that you would like to see him and see if he takes the initiative to text you back to meet with you. If he agrees to do this,talk things over, but being things are at a "tender stage" right now, go easy...and slow. Weigh your words. Find out where you both stand now.

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