Can someone help me out? i'm confused

Okay so a long time ago me and this guy had a a thing I mean we both liked each other but it never went anywhere...(long story) anyway now he has a girlfriend and for some reason she keeps on staring at me...and I don't know why...I mean I don't like him anymore ... and I haven't even shown signs of liking him..and I haven't even been talking to him! Also last week I was walking past him and his girlfriend ...and I was looking kinda down... and in the corner of MY eye I see HIM staring out of the corner of his eye...walking past me with his gf...I continued to stare at the ground and then I see HIs girlfriend staring at me and I kinda made eye contact for like 2 sec... then I just turned my head to get into my car...I mean what's up with this? So what do you think the staring is about? Plus I don't even know her

Also we never actually's a long story. We just liked each other but like I said never dated (long story)

Thanks in advance


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  • He probably spoke highly of you and she admires u..thats all