Will he think I'm not interested if I don't seem excited?

I've only been on a handful of dates with this guy, and when the holidays came around, we almost completely stopped talking due to family/plans etc. I started to lose interest after it seemed as though he wasn't trying to be in touch, but suddenly, he does come back and has asked me out for dinner tomorrow and bought us tickets for an event on a different night.

Since I had already lost some interest, I feel that I might not have come across as very excited. He made these plans with me over email, and I did thank him, but I am not sure if he feels that I appreciate his planning and that I'm looking forward to the dates. If he didn't feel I was excited enough, would that make him upset with me (since he's already done all the planning, etc)? Will he think I'm not interested?


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  • Trying to convey excitement through e-mail or text is difficult since excitement is conveyed through voice intonation. If you don't think you conveyed excitement over e-mail, don't worry about it. The key is to be excited when you see him. If you're not, then he would probably think you're not interested and that he's done something wrong.


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