Should I respond to his text or should I back off?

Okay I texted him this morning saying

'' Good morning, I'm jogging at the seaside how are you today? would you like to hangout on Saturday instead of Sunday I heard they have interesting band on Saturday''

-- I text him cos I want to change the plan...

but he replied after 7 hours and he just response


'' wow!you went jogging? really?''

-- in this scenario I feel my message is ignored. he just reply short and inappropriate. its upset me.

what should I do? what do you think..


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  • try again. if the pattern repeats then unfortunately, Id say back off

  • It's a joke. He's teasing you.

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    • Yeah, I would have I guess. He's not necessarily ignoring you. I mean, you haven't done anything else to exasperate him have you? I do admit trying to reschedule plans is kind of flakey. I don't ask to reschedule with a friend if he or she is a new friend.

    • last night he text me. saying he was drunk and thinking about me wondering if I still love him. he said he realized he made a mistake with me that I'm a great woman and he would like to see me again.

  • Can I date u


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  • to me it sounds like he is avoiding your question to hang out. Yes I would text him back and say I am fine. Would you like to hangout on sat instead of sun?

    • He text like this OK I will try, miss ya. And then I replied... I'd prefer to make plans in advance, last minute invitation is not my things... Not a problem see you soon! He is b.S and I'm really tired of him..

    • I agree Hun I would be too that is really giving you the run around. I'm sure you can easily find another guy :)