Is it normal not to feel a spark right away when dating someone new? How long does it usually take to know?

I just had a first date with someone new last night. He was very nice, respectful, and made me laugh somewhat. Towards the end of the date we kissed and he said he thought I was perfect for him and that he couldn't imagine finding anyone better.

I like him as a person and felt very comfortable with him, but I didn't really feel a spark when he kissed me or any other part of the night. I'm not sure how much more time to give it, because I don't want to lead him on or hurt him because he's a really nice guy. How much time should I give it?


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  • Honestly, if you don't feel the 'spark' then you might like him more as a potential friend. If you want to give him a chance though I would say 2 weeks to a month

    • The weird thing is that we met online originally and have been texting for about a month before we went out on that date. During that time I learned a lot about him and it seemed like we were clicking. But when we got together, I just didn't feel it. But thanks for your advice.

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