How to initiate text flirting?

So, I've decided I want to try and embark on a campaign of text flirting with her. I think this would be particularly good as we don't get to see each other very often.

Thing is, I don't have her phone number anymore, after my stupid phone expired and hers just happened to be one of the numbers not carried over. So I can only talk to her on online chat, and that's not all that useful because she can only see my messages when she's online obviously, while with a phone she can receive the message at any time. Y'know it kinda defeats the purpose of text flirting since it works best around bed time, evening/early night.. so I need to get her number again really. Not sure how to go about getting it though.. I mean, it will make sense to ask for it shortly before our group holiday later in the year, but that's ages away, so at this time I don't think there's an excuse or reason for me to ask for it. Other than "I lost it when I switched phone" and then if I start texting her shortly thereafter it will be a bit obvious won't it.. maybe do that but only don't start texting her for a while after getting her number?

Anyway that aside, what is a good way to initiate text flirting? I suppose it could work to start text flirting in online chat, then ask for the phone number then start text flirting by.. phone text. A transition at a decent pace.

But, the key thing here, please help me out here - what message is good to send her in online chat to be foundation work for future text flirting? One of the steps leading towards text flirting I'm saying.. so y'know, not jumping right in with something like "what are you wearing", "are you alone" or "what do you wear to bed", and also "what are you doing now/what are you upto" doesn't work either because it's online chat so she will probably get the message hours later.. unless she is online at the time, but I still don't think that will work.

I'm not asking for a text flirt line, I'm asking for something to build up to that and also build up to number exchange. Maybe just asking what kind of music she likes? That might be too far removed though.. ask her what she gets upto in the evenings?

Thing is, with it being online chat, our conversations don't get to flow much or be very continuous, because her online/offline status will fluctuate and sometimes she won't see my message for a while, and those are kinda' things that you say after starting a conversation not just randomly sending her a pm asking "so what do you get upto in the evenings?".. so then I get to thinking, what might be good to send her in a pm/online chat message to start off? It' not as easy as one might think...


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  • Just add a winky face

    • A winky face? Can't add it to anything though can I like "oh $hit d'you hear Paul Walker just died" not really a winky face moment. Not discrediting just asking can you please explain? :)

    • Lol that's not a flirty topic to begin with

    • Yeah.. well that's the whole point of what I just said. I'm saying, you can't just put a winky face on anything such as talk of a dude goin' up in flames or like if I ask her how her incredibly stressful exams went with a winky face.. y'know that would be absurd. I don't understand what you mean by "just add a winky face" as if it's like a rule that always works where you can always add this ingredient to anything.

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  • Send her a provoking pic or video


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  • you: Hey you

    her: Hey!

    you: What you up to?

    her: ahhh not much, you?

    you: just finished furiously masturbating, I'm quite exhausted...

    • Hardee freakin har

      My punishment for trying to initiate text flirting? Come on seriously this place shouldn't be judgemental, people ask about text flirting loads on here!

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    • That's fucced up man.. way too risky like playing freaking Russian Roulette!

    • no it isn't dude. You just think it is. High risk = low risk. Really though, it doesn't really matter what you text, and you kinda want to make it obvious that you want her. The key though, is showing her that you don't NEED her.