Taking it slow - a good thing or not?

So I've been dating this guy and we've only been on 2 dates so far, but have been talking since November and know a lot about each other. But he hasn't kissed me yet. We don't go to the same university and our next date we have planned is in May, when we are both home. He's pretty shy (and so am i) and I didn't expect him to kiss me right away, but how do I know how he feels about me if he won't?

And is taking it slow good or bad?


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  • Two dates isn't exactly taking it slow but I can see how waiting until May might feel that way. Where things are at now are you all right to wait until May? Do you need something more definitive about how he feels so you know whether to look for someone else or not? If not knowing is not likely to change matters, then there is no harm in waiting. Then I suggest that you come up with a plan for what you will do about that first kiss when you see him again.


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