Am I just making excuses & he's uninterested?

This guy acts interested. There's a much longer list of signs but there's so much staring, sulkiness when I'm with other guys, smiley faces in every text.

He's sick at home and I called him. Went to his voicemail but I didn't leave a message. 4 hrs pass and I text him to say what I wanted when I called. Since he's sick I didn't want to keep calling. He replies he was sleeping when I rang.

I felt like saying yeah but you're awake now so why didn't you return my call!?

OK, an interested guy would call a girl back, right? Even it was just a missed call and she didn't leave any message.

Or could he be playing it cool? He's a shy, nervous type. But tell me straight: whether you're sick or not, you'd call the girl back if you saw she had called, right?


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  • OK. So he heard the phone. You didn't leave a message. If I was sick and there was no message, I'd figure it wasn't that important. It can wait.

    If there is no message does your name or number show in the call history, so he knows it you?

    If I was sick. I may not want to talk regardless of who it is. So no, I would not necessarily call back that day.

    Don't put all of this on him. YOU could have left a message. That may have given him more incentive.


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  • How sick was he? If I were in bed with a fever, my crush could walk in with lingerie and tell me she wants me, and I'd still just lie there with a groan.

    • Haha. Well, he's had some kind of head injury, so I imagine its headaches, etc.

    • Well headaches are never pretty. Can't imagine he's feeling the best right now.

  • well if she texted afterward, I'd return her text...

    • Yeah he text back right away. But in my (irrational) mind him texting back means he was awake now and could have called me...if he was interested in me.

      So, you wouldn't call her back?

    • no, I'd only call if I'd seen her number, and she hadn't texted really.

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  • Im in a very similar situation. I do have been getting signs and signals that the guy likes me. But then very occasionally he does what your guy did!

    Remember he is sick. Maybe he does not want to talk to anyone.

    If he shows signs he probably does like you just not well! Don't read too much into it