Speaking to girls online?

In my quest to singlify myself I have turned to the internet.

Since it is very hard to meet girls in person given I live in a rural area and the culture of this country it seems to be a good way to get to know people I might potentially go out with one day.

Just one problem...

I've no idea how to talk to people on the internet.

9 times out of 10 I'm fine in real life once I overcome the initial period of shyness. I'm not a particularly socially inept person.

Online though...I just don;t know how to work a flowing conversation.

It always just comes down to question and answer. Interrogation and counter-interrogation practically.

Even with my friends my online talking tends to be very...businesslike. Get to the point and make a plan then someday meet.

Any tips?

singlify? errr...de-singlify. I can't even make up a word properly


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  • It's not easy. Everyone is different when expressing themselves through text. Then of course, there are also those girls who don't make an effort to keep the conversation flowing. They're good for nothing anyway. Just ignore them. And even if you do have a connection with someone, there's always a chance that you'd run out of a conversation topic. Out of all the people I've talked online, there's only one guy that still sticks until now. We've been talking since summer last year. We talk less often now, but every now and then he'd text me if we haven't heard from each other for some time. Or I text him. Or we send each other funny links.

    Feel free to message me, although I won't be able to help you with your de-singlification (hah!) But I'm here if you want to talk more about this topic.


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  • Make some friends on this site and send them messages.