Do kisses really mean anything at all these days?

Do certain types of kisses (e.g French, lip kissing, slow kissing, forehead/cheek kissing) have any particular meaning for you?

Or do they just mean nothing?


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  • They mean something when the moment is right and when it is with someone you like.

    You could be drunk and French kissing someone you barely know and it would mean nothing at all. I've seen that happen and the girl was clearly not drunk.

    Or you could kiss someone on the forehead and/or cheek and have it mean a lot because it is someone you love and it is the right time.

    That's how it is for me.


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  • For me, It depends on the situation and the type of girl I am with.

    For example, if I was drunk at a party and snogged a girl well known for being a slut...

    Then I went on a few dates with a girl who was really shy but had a really amazing personality. She was really amazing and I really liked her. The first time we kissed it was only a little smooch but to me that was 10x more amazing than with the girl from the party. I guess it's to do with the feelings you have.

    and it didn't even matter if the girl was inexperienced at kissing or not:

    all day kissing an inexperienced girl I really like > kissing a tacky party girl.


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  • Kissing means something when the person I'm kissing means something to me. Like James2023 said it depends on the feelings you have for that person.