More then friends, less then a couple?

I'm a freshmen in high school. I met this junior who is in my art class in September. It started out as saying hi over and over again, then to teasing and smiling at eachother. I followed him on instagram, and then he asked me for my twitter, he desperately wanted my twitter for some reason, that week end he messaged me on twitter and gave me his number, so I texted him and we just texted for the whole weekend.( I just wanna say he is super sporty, he loves soccer its his whole life and he's really smart and cares about school. Me on the other hand.. I used to play soccer,track,and cross country in middle school, but I stopped. I like to play video games and I fail all my classes.) that weekend on Sunday night he asked me if I play fifa, I saidno but I had the game. He ended up inviting me on Monday after school I went to his house and our parents met, I met his parents he met my mom. We went to his basement and played fifa for like 5 min and then we started to watch a movie we were cuddling a stuff and out of no where he asked me if I've ever had a boyfriend and I laughed and said no, then he asked me if I've ever kissed anyone, I laughed again and said no. He said he could change that.. We ended up making out the whole entire time, I dontreally want to get into detail with that whole thing, after that at school we just smiled at eachother. I really thought he was going to ask me out, he never did tho. When we texted he always said I was pretty. Its been almost like 3 months now, I haven't texted him since new years day. These past 3 day tho, we started a project in art where we need to use light boxes and its just been me and him at a light box but he really doesn't say much. Is he scared to talk to me now? I've been thinking about inviting him over my house but as a friend, Because I have no idea what we are. I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. What do I do? I think he expects me to text him and start the convos but I'm not the guy here, he is. Please help. How do I invite him over? Sorry this was so long, I just really need help. Thanks


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  • I'm also a freshman and I like this senior. And I kinda have the same situation, except we never kissed. So basically you are in a FLIRTATION-SHIP. Not exactly a couple but more than friends all you really do is flirt hence the name. It's definitely okay to txt him first but don't come on too strong just say you want to hang out. And if when you hang out he gives you mixed signals, grow a pair and confront him. Tell him you like him and don't want to be strung along and that he needs to stop playing with your emotions. My situation is different he has a girlfriend, and I'm not allowed to date so our flirtationship works just fine for me. But if you really like him and want to date him you need to know so you won't waist time, energy, and emotions on someone who doesn't care about you. Because in the long run it's better to know before you really start to fall for him

    • oh my god, your right. thank you so much. I hope everything works out in your situation. that really helped :)

    • Ur welcome. Hope every thing works out for you too. *fingers crossed* good luck

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