Can you know that you want to date someone exclusively after only 2 days?

Is it crazy if I feel like I want to date him exclusively (and let him know) after only spending 2 says and a night together? Would that scare him away and make him think I was a "crazy girl"?

I met a guy over the holidays when I was home visiting family. We don't live in the same state, I was just on vacation. We spent 2 full days together and one night. We had a great time and really seemed to like each other...not just physical attraction. When I left, we talked about seeing each other again and keeping in contact, but we didn't make specific plans. We've talked, text and emailed a little since then (over the past 2 weeks).

I've been thinking about it though, and I really think I want to date him. I've gone out on 2 dates since I saw him, and that just solidified that I want to date this guy even though it will be long distance. Is it too soon to tell him that? I don't want him to think I'm too eager just to be in a relationship (which I'm not), but I do really like him and think we would be great together.


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  • I read your first two sentances and then the answer from RositaV - and I totally agree with her; especially since I've often been in that boat ...sadly! All too many of you girls are incredibly needy; and yepp I venture to say also you'll scare him off; he'll probably start to have less and less contact with you but he'll do it slyly so you'll hardly even notice until you realize you haven't heard his voice in a month or more and when you ring he won't answer, each and every time you'll ring he won't pick up (I've had to use that many times because of needy girls)

    • So what is the best thing to do given that we don't have the luxury of spending time of dates together? There is another twist I realized I didn't mention in the original post. He is currently in Afghanistan and will be back in 4 months. So while I heard from him by email in the last week, he doesn't have access to internet or phone as much as we would like.

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    • Well, if that happens then it happens. No need to rush into things ...but I'm speaking from my own horrible experience. Then again, he clearly has the exact opposite experience with girls, so just don't mingle with guys since that will dampen any possibility of you getting on with another guy ...but then again, you should do what you want

    • Would it scare him of to tell him I miss him? I responded to his last email already with a cheerful one, but I haven't gotten a response. I don't think he's had a chance to connect to internet recently.

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  • It definitely too early.. And yes, you will scare him off. You have to wait and see how things between you two goes.. Give it At least a month

  • I don't think so at all. It wouldn't make you seem "crazy" it just makes you seem like you're setting the grounds for a possible relationship and laying everything out on the table. In my opinion, it'd be "crazy" if you didn't let him know you wanted something more without knowing how he felt…it would seem like a waste of time to keep seeing him if he didn't want anything more.