My boyfriend keeps ignoring me?

Me and my boyfriend have been together 8 months and have been really happy, until last week he went to a work party away from home and since then he has been really distant, he barely speaks to me and ignores my messages, I only send one message and wait for his reply but I can see that he's online on Facebook and posting statuses and liking posts but he goes 8 hours or even more to reply to simple text messages where we used to just be constantly talking all day.

I've noticed he's speaking to a girl who he met at the work party and snapchats her but I'm not really worried about her since she's engaged and has a baby but it just seems odd that we have been fine since a week ago?

When I was with him the other night I ended up getting upset and saying it feels like you're not bothered anymore and he told me not to be so silly and that he's just tired but he was tired before and he never treated me like this.

Does anyone know what's the best thing to do..? I'm not sure whether to ask him about this again... I'm tired of feeling down and wondering what's going on in my own relationship


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  • Something must have happen in that work party for him to have started to act differently from that moment. I am not saying that engaged girl is to blame, but just because you are engaged does not signify you wouldn't cheat. He did wrong to have not replied to you, his girlfriend, but he would respond to other people statuses. It couldcalso be that he can keepmupnwith the texting because everything dies down with time... it is part of life and nothing to be taken serious. Sometimes people need space.


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  • Well first you have to understand that as a relationship grows, the texting for hours starts to die down. It's just how relationships go.

    With that said, it's hard to know. It's been only a week, so I wouldn't over-analyze things too early. He was probably just tired and didn't respond. Just because he didn't last time, doesn't mean he wasn't tired.

    If things get worse or stay the same over time, then you have to worry, and he may be tiring of the relationship.


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  • While there does seem to be a coincidence there (his lack of contact after the work party), like nitroblade said, I wouldn't overanalyze anything just yet. If it continues, though, (over the next few weeks) then I'd say something is up…but whether he's stressed, mind is elsewhere relationship-wise, going through a lull, it's hard to say.