Why do guys say they will text you, but never do?

So I asked this guy to the school dance and he said sure. I met with him after class and I gave him my number. He said he would text me so I'll have his, but he hasn't. It's been three days and still nothing. I can't just text him first because I don't have the number. Any ideas on why this is happening?


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  • They don't know what to say, or they're insecure, or they aren't I to you.

    • Ok well if they aren't into me, then why couldn't he have just said no in the first place?

    • Guys suck at telling girls no. We almost never have to because most of the time we have to do the chasing. He also might not have decided how he feels. Too many variables to know for sure. It's better to just ask.

  • He could be trying to play it, "cool", or he doesn't really like you, and he was trying to be nice about it.


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