Should I get a little crazy?

Alright so I met this guy out one Saturday (about a week ago) and I was pretty drunk, and we did end up making out. Not one of the things I wanted to do, but I don't go out much! :[ Haha

Anyway! He texted me about calling him the next day but I never got back to him until the Monday or Tuesday after since I had some family business to take care of. I wanted a little recap of the night and he was super fun about it. Which I remember him being, really nice, very sarcastic (just how I like them! ;]) and really down to earth. Though I am not much to return texts or calls from random drunk nights I found myself thinking about him this last week. I really don't know what to do, and he's asking me to hang out and come chill with him after work.

I usually don't find someone (especially at bars/clubs) I can really click with or have a good time with and he seems to be someone like that. But I really don't know him, we only met once. But even texting him a lot lately seems to put a smile on my lips.

Any advice?

I just wanna know if maybe I should just go for it. Or perhaps he's a weirdo who just wants to get laid. Who knows! He keeps thinking we'd be something good, and I am a little curious but is it too strong?


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  • I think you will never know until you try him go with him some time without making out or drink just talk .


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  • well,

    give it a try but be aware not to let yourself be with him in a hook up, making out or other drinking session just give him the chance to see and know the real YOU when you are not drunk ...

    and with the passage of not more than 2 weeks you will know whether he wants you to jerk off only or for who you are...

    honestly if you are interested in having sex with the guy go for a one night stand if it is okay with you

    GOOD LUCK =)

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