What do I do if the guy I had a thing with (not dating) has moved on to another girl?

So there was this guy that was interested in me and at the time I wasn't interested in him. We grew closer and closer and I started falling for him. We had a few movie 'dates' but we were surrounded by two other friends. He kept telling me "We should date" and I replied with maybe like every time because I didn't want to get hurt, I REALLY liked him. I now realize I want to say yes but it's too late... He has moved on and hardly even talks to me anymore and I'm really lost, alone and hurt. Help anyone please?


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  • You didn't want to get hurt, and now you're hurt.

    Did you learn the lesson? You can't go through life avoiding hurt. So go for you want in the future.

    "He kept telling me "We should date" and I replied with maybe"

    Next time a guy you like says this, don't say maybe, say yes.

    As for the current guy... stop thinking about him. Pining after a missed shot is pointless and just prolonging your pain. You messed up, it's painful, but stop dwelling on it. He's not the only guy you'll ever like.


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  • HA HA. Serves you right. Offer him friends with benefits and then try to move it into something more. Or you know, you could just ask him out on a date.


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