Do you reply to comment-like texts?

I believe is common courtesy to reply to someone's texts, especially if they're asking you a question. I mostly reply to comment-like texts from close friends because we already share a bond, but what to do with people you don't know that well?

Like you're still getting to know someone and they write you something like "seems I will be going to LA next week". Surely you could start a conversation out of that if you wanted, but is that person actually expecting you to or just randomly sharing the info? Because if they were expecting a reply from you, they would had phrased it in some other way, right?


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  • Nah, I think they expect you to respond with a least an acknowledgement like "cool".

    • That would be the typical response I guess, but still a dead-end?

      I dunno, I feel bad and immature for not replying, but it feels like so far there's one person trying harder than the other and that would be me. At least I should be able to take the hint, right?

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