To call or to text her?

So I texted this girl a while back arraging a date for this week and I said I would tell her the details later.

I'm thinking of setting it for Tuesday afternoon, but I'm not sure how to go about it now, because we are both teens with classes and noisy parents so my chances are either to call her tomorrow early in the evening or text her whenever I feel like it about the hour and place.

Also, she pays for her texts and I don't, but I would have to pay for the call.

It's our 1st date and we haven't seen each other for one month, but she is very responsive over text. Only called her once a while back but it was a quick call because she mistakenly called me 1st.

Should I text her or call her? Also, if I text her, I will be 100% direct, but if I call her, should I be direct too. Because I don't have that much credit to spend chatting with her.


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  • I personally don't think it matters. If you text her, don't make it short like: "Tuesday at ...hour, ok?" just say something like: "hey, how are you? Would Tuesday around ... be okay to hang out?".

    If you call her, no need to call for half an hour. Just ask her how she's been, tell her that you call her to arrange your date, if that day and hour suits her and once it's been arranged, tell her you gotta go and you're looking forward to it.

  • Text her something like " hey what's up ?" or how are you..what are you doing etc. and then ask her if she has time to meet you on blabla and yeah..just go with the flow you know :p I really really wish you good luck ! :)


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