What to talk about with this girl?

I really like this girl and we are both freshman in college. We met during the summer and are friends but we've gone outacoiple times with her friends and them by ourselves. I really like texting her but I don't know what to really talk about so our cknnersatiins basically end. Can you guys and girls pleas helpe out and telle what you guys do to make a texting conversation last and please give ideas or answers I can actually talk about and a good normal

Opening text thanks in advance guys


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  • You have to figure out what she is into. Get her talking about things she likes. Those will be clues for you. Start of with news... Town robberies? Politics? Sports? ( some girls are into it lol) ask about her family how big? Brothers/ sisters? These are hints into her personality


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  • Talk about movies you want to see, restaurants you've gone to, etc. Then ask her out. :)

    It's much easier to get to know someone when you are doing things together. And it becomes much less awkward and forced as time goes on.

    • Thanks I will ask her to do something later but wanted to text her. To be honest I don't think it sound normal to just bring up restaurants or movies since we haven't gone. Can you give me any ideas about what to talk about or what you would normally talk about with a guy yo started talking too?

  • get a little silly and try to do something like the 20 qs game

    • But how do you introduce that without being needy or desperate to keep the conversation alive

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