Kiss, now I am confused?!?

So I was in a relationship with a guy a year ago long distance never seen each other. We broke up year later I move to his town. He has a girlfriend and I find a guy and he gets jealous. Well me in the guy didn't work out I am still a little broken over him. Well my ex has been trying to get me back for like a month but I wasn't ready to date. But we texted and were still friends. Tonight I kissed him for the very first time. He wouldn't stop kissing me. Not that I minded now he texts me and says he doesn't want to hurt me and he thinks we are better off friends. He said he still likes me and I am an amazing kisser. What's the problem? I am confused? Anyone care to help?


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  • So let me get this right, you were in a LDR, you moved to his town, never kissed and you broke up? I think you should just make up your mind on what you want and then talk to him about it

    • He broke up with me because of the distance and when I moved to his town he was with someone so I let him be got into a another relationship the new relationship failed. Then I wanted to wait for a few months and be with the guy I kissed. But now he's he likes me but doesn't want to be with me but I want to be with him. I told him I want him.