Do I like him now and didn't realize it before?

I've been under a lot of stress and a few things about this guy made me worry about what a relationship would be like with him if there ever was one. He has a child and he also bartends here and there, I'm insecure so that would bother me. I told him I don't want a relationship and he said OK so now that you have said that, I will try turn my feelings off. I then said to him I'd like to keep seeing him just take it slow. I wasn't sure what was wrong though, I wanted to spend time with him, but I didn't exactly feel the want to kiss him. So I thought I don't feel any chemistry for him. Anyway I had seen him and I was a bit cold towards him, he said he'd actually like to feel wanted from me, but doesn't. After we saw each other I didn't hear from him, I felt like something was up and I said I miss hanging out with you and that I thought he was mad at me. He said he wasn't mad, he just doesn't see us been anymore than friends because he doesn't think I'm ready for a relationship..Anyway I said OK that's fine so we decided to hangout, yet he would grab my hand and he asked me for a kiss in the car and I said I do't do that with my guy friends and he said okay, I won't do anything then and I said sorry did I upset you and he said I don't give a shit emotionally.. He had also previously mentioned he doesn't see us been more than friends because he said he can deal with some insecurity to a certain extent but he needs his job and I said but I'd never expect you too quit it..He also said he said we are similar in some ways but different.

Anyway he offered to come and cuddle me at my house because I opened up too him and I got upset. I thought why not, so we cuddled and then he ended up making a move on me and it got further and I said no, if we're just going to be friends, I can't sleep with you. He said friends with benefits and "seeing" someone is the same thing, we then argued over it and he said you don't know what you want, I don't know what I want. He then said he had stuff to do and as he was leaving he said something along the lines of "I just wanted to feel wanted, I'll talk to you later. Anyway I haven't heard from him since. And now I can't stop thinking about him. Am I realizing later that I like him or did I just enjoy his company?I'm so confused. And I don't know if he is just mad that I didn't sleep with him(because even when we were seeing each other we didn't sleep together) And is he just closing off how he really feels and is acting like he doesn't care?


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  • I think you just miss his company and hanging around him. I also think he shouldn't had put pressure on you or put you in a very awkward situation.I think he did get mad because you guys didn't have sex. And I do think it is possible for guys and girls to be friends without anything sexual involved. I think it's tough but possible. You laid the ground rules out and he still continued to break them or cross the line. It's like if your ready for a relationships it will happen when you feel comforable enough to want one. I think you just miss hangign around him and I don't think you like him more then friends.


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