Potential blind date soon. What are some things to consider?

My friend and his wife are thinking about setting me up on a blind date with his wife's friend. I've never been on one before. Have you ever had a blind date before? How did it go and what are some things to consider before going (provided that I decide to. Not against the idea, but not totally on board either)? Thanks :-)


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  • I've been on one….my sister set me up. I was a bit wary of it myself, but thought "oh what the hell…why not?" I met up with the guy for dinner. I wasn't attracted to him and the conversation was a bit strange (on his part) but oh well. Like InquisitiveMale said, you just laugh it off later. Besides, you never know…it might work out!


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  • I've been set up on plenty of blind dates. My friends girlfriend is the match maker in our social circle and she's obsessive about connecting people. I've had some really bad dates because of her but also some really good ones.

    My best advice is just go on the date. You never know whose going to be on the other end. You may just find your soul mate if you believe in that sort of thing. And at the very least if it's a horrible match you can both laugh at your mutual friend who thought it was a good idea.

    Worst case scenario... you leave early. Not an issue.