Long text response times...

Most advice on this forum suggests that if a girl takes a long time to text you back, she's probably not very interested. I totally get that.

But currently, I'm texting this girl, she takes hours if not days to reply, but she always responds. Her texts are pretty long and she usually apologizes for the long response time.

I know she checks her phone frequently, so must have read the texts. So what could be the reason why she takes so long to respond?

Is she busy? Is she trying to play games? Or is she just taking some time to think about how she wants to respond? Any advice?

I've never had a case like this before, usually girls respond quickly, or they blow me off... so I know if they are interested, either way.

Oh, and I know for a fact that she is single and is not seeing any other guys. I know she hasn't been asked out in a while, according to friends...


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  • She is either "not into texting" or "not into you.." Move on, sweetie, and find someone who is...

    • Thanks Paris! I'm getting the feeling she's bad at texting, since she always answers eventually and with pretty long responses. It's actually driving me crazy. We were texting last night, and having a pretty long conversation. Then, all of a sudden, she stops... I'm actually not sure if she's into me or not. I think there are positive signs. She has agreed to go out with me again sometime. I'm just having trouble deciding if she's confused, not interested, or trying to not appear desperate.

    • Hmmm...Could be just "flirty and flighty"...Feel it out, sweetie. You eventually will get the "message"..

    • Hi, sweetie, okay, you just said a "text full"---"sometime"...That would be enough of a "sign"(take it for what you may want)for me. You sound great, and I am sure someone is out there who is more appreciative of a guy "into texting" and into "hanging".:))

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  • There is a possibility that she is talking to a few other guys and when she gets bored or lonely she text you back just to keep you around...shes giving the littlest amount of attention possible to keeps yours it would seem. I wouldn't even bother with that anymore dude.

    • Ah, thanks. I just added an update. I know for certain she isn't seeing other guys.

    • ah kay cool cool just sounds sketchy. I wouldn't wanna waste my time. that would give me anxiety lol

    • Okay, with your last "comment," sweetie----"she isn't seeing other guys," which means she is not into any real relationship right now, hasn't found anyone really worth her time of day---or texting," to put it mildly, and feels she can "pick and choose" at her leisurely. Been there, done that...

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  • Some girls really have poor phone etiquette. If she replies, every time, and with long responses, then that's a good sign.

    I would forfeit all texting if I were you and stick to phone calls and "in person" interactions before writing her off.

    The most reliable way to test her buying temperature (her interest in you romantically) is to flirt, and line up a date.

    If she's willing to spend time with you, over dinner, and alone, then she's still interested.

    If she makes excuses and has a hard time finding time, then she's not.

    Then, when on a date, it's your job to slowly escalate the relationship through flirting, sharing personal stories, and touch.

    If she flirts back, laughs at your bad jokes, touches you, and over all seems to respond well to your escalating, then she's interested.

    Any negative body language implies she's less interested... which just means you need to build more attraction and rapport.

    Just keep positive and keep slowly escalating.

    Don't wait around for her to make a move or for her to say, "please kiss me" because she NEVER will... no matter how interested she is. That's your job.

    Now go get her! Then tell us how it went. ;)

    ~ Robby

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