Inexperienced (very), turn off?

I am quite bothered with people's reactions lately.

Im originally from an Asian country, grew up more time in Asia than in Europe. now 23.

I consider myself attractive (or I am confident about my appearance), guys hit on me quite often. But I don't have many sexual experiences and I only had one boyfriend in the past. I dated a few, but didn't result anything serious. (I even dated a girl, Because I was questioning my sexuality)

I m quite different. but I think I'm quite cool. :p but I feel, once I open up to people about myself: that I don't have much experience, they look down to me. Recently they even make fun of me, which I hate. I have a few friends who are more supportive, but I don't think what others treat me is fair. I am quite shy, especially with people I don't know. I really don't understand, why they just cannot take who you are, and stop expecting you are everyone else. and it's not that I do not wanna have, but I am more up to the Asian cultural perspective. I don't like random hookups(I had a few)

soo, I really like my international friends, but sometimes this irritates me I just wanna cut them off.. which is not healthy.. so guys, do you really think inexperienced people is very laughable?


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  • Nope! It seems like everyone is becoming more and more inexperienced. People are spending more time online, and not actually going out and meeting/seeing people.

    You just need better friends. And don't worry, when you find the right person to be with, he will not judge. Personally, I find inexperience very cute (mainly because I am not sure what to do half of the time anyway). It kinda alleviates pressure, and there's less expectation. It allows people to take things at their own pace instead of following rules, dating games, or guidelines.

  • No not at all, don't think that is a bad thing. Think it might be worse if it was a guy but id think guys should take charge in that area. Don't put yourself around people that make you feel bad your an adult you shouldn't have to put up with any of that.

    Sounds like they are jealous even.


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