First date, EVER, and first time hanging out with only one girl...

So I'm going out with the girl of my dreams on Sunday and I know to be myself... But what tips, pointers, suggestions, etc. can you guys give me?

I'm a nice guy so I know the obvious stuff, hold open doors, ladies first, pay for her, etc... but yea.



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  • Congrats on that! I just recently went on my first date ever, so I know a little how that feels (minus the fact that guys have more pressure/duties).

    What I would say for my date to have gone better would be if he kept more personal stuff to himself. He told me basically told me his life story, as well as was super insecure, pessimistic and needy, which isn't a great characteristic when meeting first someone.

    What I would say is to just focus on being yourself (obviously), talk about yourself, but not too much, have interesting things to talk about to make you stand out and maybe be spontaneous.

    Good luck with the date!

  • Just be completely true to yourself. Don't pretend to be into anything you're not, or hate things you don't. If she doesn't like you for you right away, she won't wanna find out down the line once you're in a serious relationship (if you get there. Good luck!)

    Nothing is worse than finding a bunch of flaws way down the line when they could've been exposed right off the bat. (I'm not talking serious baggage..that's too much for a first date) but things like, bands you like, or activities.

    Personally, I'm lazy, I like bad food, and I love cheesy music.

    I went on a date with a few girls and pretended to be active and healthy and agreed on bands they liked.

    Didn't work out. I was completely myself with a girl a couple months ago, and now we're exclusive haha. It works! Being 100000% yourself! :)


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