Why do some guys give a girl their number but never text her first?

I never asked or hinted that I wanted it. I don't mind talking but I hate how it makes me feel like I'm chasing the guy. I always have to text first but he'll quickly reply so wth does that mean!?

If he was interested wouldn't he initiate contact caz that's what guys do well the ones that have asked for my number.

It's making me crazy caz I wasn't all that interested at first haha

I tried waiting til he texts me first but after a week I couldn't help but text first! It's like I'm hooked and I'm not even sure why.

Does this guy see me as an option or someone that he's got 'waiting' for him? If so I feel dumb for acting desperate since these guys say 'oh we should hang out sometime' and I say 'ya just tell me when and where' but we never do! For about the past 3 months its been only contact through texting. Not daily but weekly or every 2-3 weeks. And when I sent holiday texts to everyone like 'Happy new Year' none of them replied. I wasn't too hurt since some of my female friends don't reply either but still.

Like ugh they've got me obsessed! There's only 2 guys like this but I haven't texted one of them since last month. He is easier to resist since I've been talking to him less often. To be clear these aren't total strangers I met off the street. I met them separately at school and kinda of knew them a little before they gave me their number. And they hardly reply with one word texts so its really confusing


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  • Because 9 times out of 10 if a guy asks for a girls number she'll give it to him whether or not she'd actually go out with him, or even reply to his text if he does contact her. By giving you his number, and seeing if you'll call him, he at least knows you are a little interested if you call/text.

    Oh...and I've never understood why girls/women think if makes them look "desperate" if they call/text a guy first. Does it make a guy look desperate if he calls/text you first? Of course not. Why does it work that way with you?

    • Girls don't lead in the beginning. You could give a girl your number, or you could write your number on a piece of paper and throw it away. Either way, your chances are the same of getting a first call from a girl.

    • guys don't look desperate since its what expected. Double standard

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  • If I'm giving you my number, it probably means I don't have your number. If you want me to text first, give me your number in response. And it doesn't hurt to ask me to text you so it doesn't look like you're giving me your number to about social embarrassment.

  • I'm glad that talking in real life doesn't have "first" and "last" order priorities, or everyone would become antisocial.

  • Why do they do that?

    "like ugh they've got me obsessed!"


  • Girls are so lame with this!


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  • Okay, well first of all, don't put your hopes all into whether or not a guy texts you first or not. For several reasons. One--it's the 21st century for goodness sake! Why can't you text him first instead of waiting around for him to text you? Even if you have been the one texting him first the whole entire time then maybe he isn't as interested as you think he is. He might just want you to give him attention and boys are good at that. It's really rather redundant for you to keep waiting around for a guy if it's been several months and you guys rarely talk. Two--why don't you ask to hang out and YOU set the time and date? If YOU really like them then you have to show interest too. It's not enough just to text them once or twice within three weeks. That doesn't show interest at all. To me, playing games is completely a waste of time. Everyone in the whole world wants honesty in a relationship so then why the heck do we all spend time playing games with each other instead of being up front? If you want to spend time with these boys then ask them. You can do it yourself. You don't need to have the guy ask you first.

    If that doesn't work then I suggest you give up now. It's so pointless to wait around for a guy who's just dragging you around like rag doll just hoping that you can pet him and make him feel good about himself. That's not your job. Have some pride in yourself.

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    • Well don't let him make you feel like that. You totally have control over your emotions when it comes to letting him make you feel worse about yourself if he doesn't seem interested. It's definitely natural, however, it's also important to remember you deserve better than a guy who won't give you the time of day.

    • thanks :)

  • Many he's busy talking to other girls

  • maybe he did that to put the ball in your court and let you lead. Hey at least he replies and right away with that. If you don't think he's worth the effort then delete his number

    • ya at least he doesn't ignore my texts be maybe he's just being nice

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