Strange dating experience.

I met the guy online. After two dates, he seems very interested to me and he said he liked me . I like to be with him too, but I still want to slow down, and want to know more about him. The third date is on this Saturday. we told a lot, I treated him like a good friend, he seemed always want to changed the topic to whether I like him or not. I didn’t answer directly , just make some jokes to escape these topics. He asked me when I would leave. I said maybe 8:30. when 8:30 came, I said to him “ thank you for your movie and you are nice. I have to leave” He said: you are teenager.! Unbelievable! When I left , he said nothing, no hugs no kiss, even no goodbye. On the taxi, I texted to him to say goodbye. He said : you seem be scared of relationship. Friend is OK, but more maybe not. Then I texted back: I am not scared of relationship. He texted: honestly he want a relationship. I texted : I like to be with him, I want a serious relationship, so I should know more about him then think whether I like him or not. He texted me back: “ I believe you. we have different background. Think fresh tomorrow.” Five minutes later, he texted me again: “new person in new city, feel difficult and lonely sometimes.” Then I texted back: “ are you looking for short-time dating because you are lonely?” he said no, he was looking forward to long-term but 2 or 3 dates don’t mean long-term forever. I said: I didn’t say I want a long-term with him . and also I think we should slow down to know more about each other.”

I was a little bit disappointed to this guy, and also thought he would never call me again. But yesterday he texted me again and seemed nothing happen. Today he texted me again.

What is wrong with him? He is serious to relationship or just because feel lonely ! or treat me like a friend or backup !


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  • He sounds so desperate. I would be very wary.

    You need to let him understand that he needs to slow down. Let him know that you are feeling very uncomfortable when you are being pushed ahead.

    You may talk to him directly at first, tell him what you want. But if he repeatedly ignores what you said or forgets it, perhaps it's time to consider both of you incompatible. If your desires, priorities and aspirations are different, and he refuses to respect your decision, it is hard for a relationship to work out.

  • He likes you, just go out and have fun.


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