If any of you guys got this text what would you think?

A chick who you were seeing sent you a text saying, "im sry I miss you & I never meant for there to be any misunderstandings." Would you contact her? And no one cheated it was a misunderstanding of the guy thinking I was trying to get pregnant. Its been nine weeks. Should I text something simple like that to maybe get his attention?


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  • If you really want to get him back, you have to try something. Otherwise you'll never know.

    • I know I'm jus nervous I hate rejection

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    • Well that was a bit strong for a first chat in a while text. But leave it at that, and wait.

      Hope it goes well for you :)

    • I was thinking that to after I did it. I would just leave it at that. At first I was gonna send a cute semi sexy pic, like a tease and tell him truthfully what's on my mind but I figured I don't wanna bombard him with things too much. cause even beautiful women can over do things and lose.

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  • Im not a guy but I would definitely text him. How long had you been seeing him? I think if it had been ahwile a guy would certainly take your text as waving a flag of peace. Either that or he's just being stubborn and wants you to wallow in what you supposedly did to him.

    I would text him a friendly casual text, just say Hello with enthusiasm, don't ask why he hasn't texted you back, keep it short and simple.

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