Girls, Should I talk to my date everyday until the official "Date"?

This girl I met I asked her out on a Date,She's coming down 1hour away to meet her sister and then to go on a date with me.I'm bringing her out to dinner on Friday in a nice restaurant however today is Tuesday and I'm not sure will I talk to her everyday until the Official date on Friday since she already knows the time 8pm and Restaurant (I don't want to risk this date by saying something stupid or looking needy) So I think its best to text her the day before or the morning on Friday? What do you think? Thank you everyone!


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  • Well you don't want her to think you aren't really interested, so maybe text her every once in awhile asking her what's up or something. Basically so she knows you are thinking about her. If I was really excited about a date, Id want to talk to the guy up until the date. But everyone is different, so its up to you. In the end all that matters is you both show up for the date.


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