How do you date a guy with such a horrible past?

I have started seeing this guy a week ago and he has been majorly burned by his last girlfriend. So much so that he hasn't dated in a year since they broke up!

After that he always judges women before he gets to know them and piles them in to the same category that reads "evil, untrustworthy, etc."

How do I or can I transcend that?


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  • You can't. Your best bet is to show him what you have to offer little by little, but don't make yourself appear too after him. Give him some incentive to pursue YOU, not the other way around. It seems you like him, and that's great, but only he can get over his past and learn to move on from his ex. If he can't, I hate to say that it isn't going to be worth it. So just try to let him know your there, but only with small samplings, that way he won't feel as if your so into him that he can start judging you.


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  • What has he been doing for the past year? Has he been using that time to work on his own issues? That's something to think about.