I'm not excited about dating him?

So for a month in October, I casually dated this guy. He took me everywhere and was really into me, but he never kissed me or attempted anything physical besides a hug which was a disappointment as also a relief as I was still feeling uncertain about him.

My doubts grew when I ended up meeting another guy, and things got physical fast with him, and I felt much more giddy and happy to see him. This lasted for a month and I forgot about guy #1, until guy #2 dropped me, and moved on. I don't regret any of it.

Guy #1 asked me out again, and I said yes, because I did miss hanging out with him a little. He's fun company, but the attraction is come and go. I'm really not that excited to see him and I don't know why, but I'll feel bad if I turn him down, cause maybe there is something there, I dunno.

The biggest problem is that I can't see us dating further along the line. Like I REALLY can't see him being my official boyfriend or going on a date with him on Valentine's Day, and that's only a month away. What do you think? Anyone been in my position? Any advice? Am I into him? I mean, I left him for another guy, so why wouldn't I do that again. Idk.


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  • I think number 2 was someone who seemed like fun and exciting up to anything but commitment and a party kind of guy still trying to find himself I'm sure he cared a lot about you just wasn't man enough to handle a relationship or a commitment at the time and him dropping you he will realize in the end what a mistake he made when he sees you happy and moved on I think every guy has some feelings for there ex and you being strong enough of a person to not let this bring you down and you remaining will show him what a mistake he made and for guy number one you should give him a chance like get to know him more and allow him to get to know you because any guy to fall for you is a smart guy especially if there taking time out for you and to be there and wants your attention can you blame him at least he has good taste in women if he choose you that's how I see it when a guy chooses me but I never :( had that so girly I think you should give him a chance something good will come out of this either a lesson learned or to someone else or to happiness or a great friend and you might half to discuss with him on how you feel or do stuff that interest you or that you think is fun because he's here for you and really wanting to make you happy so find out your guys common interest and do them for dates have a great day and I'm sure everything will work out .

  • Im in that position now lol. This guy treats me well but I'm trying so hard to like. He's really into me and I'm not.